People won't take your campaign or cause very seriously without a well designed website.

Websites are where voters go to learn more about you, donors go to send money, volunteers to sign up and journalists to find your contact information.

Marked Marketing has developed websites for dozens of Democratic and progressive issue campaigns.

You can see some of those websites here - and if you like what you see, we're happy to get started on yours. Contact us here to set up a time to talk.



In the United States, about 40% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. So it's important your website works well on a cellphone.

That's why Marked Marketing is a big fan of big buttons, clean design and animations to keep users attention.



Some websites are simply conveying information to users - but others are focused on driving action.

It doesn't matter if that action is signing up for email updates, donating, attending an event, contacting an elected representative or sharing your content on social media - Marked Marketing can design your website around your goals.


Whether you want to use Mailchimp, BSD Tools, NGP or most likely anything at all, Marked Marketing can make it work with your website.

All websites we design come with analytics and if needed, remarketing code for advertising campaigns.

Have questions about how Marked Marketing can help integrate digital tools and social media into your website? Just ask!

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