From Congress to the courthouse - and everything in between - Marked Marketing's digital services have helped dozens of candidates win their election. 

We love what we do, which is probably why we're campaign after campaign enjoys working with us - just ask them! 


As a first time candidate, building name ID was critical.

With Marked Media's aggressive and innovative digital strategy, we developed a robust communication channel that precisely overlapped with our targeted voters, building a platform - and a victory - that our opponents couldn't match.

At a time when most people said a county-wide write-in race couldn't be won by anyone, Marked Media's digital role helped make a big difference.

Not only did we get the needed votes - but many times over.

There is little doubt that Marked Media effectively reached thousands of voters in my campaign and I received positive feedback from countless voters.

​Managing political campaigns can be extremely stressful. Ed has a very professional temperament and works well with many different people.​

Thanks to his excellent work, I was elected by a significant margin.

Being new to Facebook, Marked Media was essential in crafting our social media approach from assisting with article selection, pinpointing our target audience and honing our brand. 

Adaptive, flexible, and responsive, Marked Media is an absolute  must if running a campaign or have a need to get your message out to a wide audience.

Marked Media delivered a great website to kick-off my digital campaign.


Marketing through social media is a difficult, complex and non-linear task. Marked Media has a great formula and method to make an impact through digital marketing in an unclear and uncertain field.

Ed has a rare talent for combining shrewd communication strategies with technical wizardry to deliver exceptional results.

Marked Marketing makes a tremendous impact with limited resources.

Not only did Marked Media's strategy help win my race by 20% - it brought exposure to important stories and resources for those suffering from bullying. Rather than target people's insecurities and fears on Facebook, Ed found a way to tap into people's empathy.

The anti-bullying content went 'viral' so frequently that a stranger approached me in the supermarket about the page, and a competitor called after the race to tell us how much we 'kicked the absolute [expletive] out of us.'

Marked Marketing introduced stories on social media which caught the attention of total strangers, who then sought out my website to learn more about this person – me – and what I had to say.


Ed then directed my ads to specific and targeted areas in my county which drove my voter turnout. There were two judicial races in my county. I won my race by 33,284 votes out of a total of 354,222. The other candidate won her race by only 388 votes out of 353,328.


Marked Marketing worked for me.

Marked Marketing is responsive, prompt, patient, and delivers high quality every time we use them for our projects.


Ed is easy to work with and always delivers.

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