Don't roll the dice when it comes to raising money online.

Marked Marketing are experts at growing email lists, directly advertising to likely donors and writing emails that your list responds to.




email lists

Campaigns love raising money online...and Marked Marketing loves growing email lists for campaigns!


It takes a lot of testing and creativity to develop the best ads and targeting to encourage sign ups from likely donors.

Our favorite method for growing lists is through Facebook advertising. The size of its user base and the targeting ability of its ad platform make it perfect for email acquisition.

Marked Marketing also implements email rental programs, where a different campaign emails their list on your behalf.

direct ads

While emailing lists remain the sure way to encourage donations, asking directly through ads can work if your campaign is compelling enough.


We're adept at remarketing and "lookalike" targeting on Facebook, twitter and Google. You need to build a relationship with likely donors before asking for their money - and remarketing allows us to do just that.


Remarketing is targeting internet users who have already interacted with your content. Whether it was opening an email, liking a social media post or visiting your website, Marked Marketing can later target them with an ad asking for a donation.

email writing

With our extensive experience in Democratic politics, we have a rare insight into what appeals to your audience - and how to set up segments and series of emails that get the most from your list.

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