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Do you want to reach voters, donors, journalists, constituents or activists online?


Marked Marketing does just that with digital advertising.


Our favorite ad platforms for political campaigns is Facebook and Google, but we also use TwitterIQM and other ad networks.

Contact us to set up a consultation to discuss how digital advertising can support your campaign.


For better or worse, Facebook has become one of the most powerful political advertising platforms to ever exist. It enables campaigns to micro-target likely voters or advocates based upon geography, voting history, gender, age, interests, language spoken, and more.

Facebook also owns Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform in the United States. This makes it relatively easy to advertise on both at the same time.

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook and Instagram allow for immediate interactions with your target audience.

Likes, shares and comments aren't just a way to engage with voters, they're data which your campaign can use to gauge interest, refine targeting and hone messaging. 

Marked Marketing is exceptionally skilled at developing communication strategies and implementing ad campaigns on Facebook for election campaigns or issue advocacy: just ask our clients.

So whether your campaign needs to raise money online, win a judicial election, or anything else - contact us to talk about how Marked Marketing can help.


Not everyone uses social media - but everyone on the internet uses websites. Google's Display Network delivers banner advertising to 2 million websites and apps.

Because it reaches 94% of internet users, banner ads on Google are extremely effective at building name recognition for a candidate or cause. Google also owns YouTube, the one social media platform used by more Americans than Facebook.

90% of internet searches happen on Google's Search Network. Marked Marketing can set up ads that link to your website appear when likely voters or supporters search for specific keywords.

We've managed banner, search and YouTube advertising for dozens of Democratic campaigns - and we'd love to for you as well.


While Google allows us to target internet users by what they're interested in, the topic of website, keywords and zip code, it doesn't allow for precise voter targeting like Facebook.

IQM is a banner, video and internet radio ad network that does. Like Facebook, we can upload lists of names and addresses of the exact voters to target.

It's more expensive per ad impression than Google, but if your campaign can afford the premium, Marked Marketing can design and implement your ad campaign on IQM.


While twitter doesn't have anything close to the number of users as Facebook or YouTube, it is the social media platform of choice for journalists, activists, politicians and their staffers.

So if you're a larger campaign in need of earned media and endorsements, then you should be advertising on twitter.


Marked Marketing can introduce and keep a candidate or issue in the minds of other politicos. We can also grow email lists or raise money directly from likely donors on twitter. 

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While the nuance of each ad platform varies, the basic concept remains the same: create content that your target audience will respond to - then deliver it to them.

If your campaign wants to advertise on LinkedIN, Spotify, Pinterest, Next Door, a specific newspaper or an email newsletter, more than likely Marked Marketing will be able to help you implement it. Just ask.

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